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More than 35 years offering protection and fire detection services in boats: inspection and refilling of bottles, detection systems and fire extinguishing…

Marine evacuation systems


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Immersion suits

Personal protection

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Marine evacuation systems and products

On the high seas, any forecast is poor and we must be prepared for any emergency or mishap. As specialists in security, protection, prevention and extinction of fires, in Sercoin you will find the latest products and systems to safeguard all crew members and travelers when a situation becomes critical. Naval safety and evacuation products for all types of ships and boats.

Being proactive at sea can save your life. Sail with the peace of mind of having the experience and equipment of Sercoin Marina.

Our solutions…


Fire protection and detection

A fire on the high seas can have fatal consequences. For this reason, it is essential to have a fire protection system that allows you to act on time and avoid any type of damage to passengers or the boat. At Sercoin, we are specialized in the installation of fire protection systems in fishing, recreational and commercial boats. We help you comply with all regulations and navigate with greater safety.

Marine evacuation systems

Marine evacuation systems are based on a slide or tube through which passengers and crew slide in an emergency until they reach life rafts. Space, weight and evacuation times must be kept to a minimum to ensure quick and effective evacuation.


Anyone on board a boat must have access to an approved lifejacket adapted to their size and constitution, taking into account the case of children. Although the total number of vests should not remain on board all the time, it is necessary to carry the same number of vests as people who sail on each trip.

Life Rafts

Life rafts are essential safety equipment on board the boat. They can accommodate all crew members during a mishap or emergency inside the ship, and in this way, facilitate their rescue on the high seas.


Apart from the rescue boats, there are the lifeboats, which are normally distributed throughout the ship and are located in white containers that open automatically when they come into contact with the sea.


Immersion Suits

Do you have immersion suits on your boat? Also known as a survival suit, these kits are designed to protect a person from hypothermia when immersed in cold water, in the event of abandoning the ship. They also provide buoyancy to facilitate rescue.


Personal protection

Quality equipment designed for greater protection at sea: SCBA and EEBD, as well as service kits and accessories. From fire suits to fire fighting equipment. In Sercoin Marina you will find everything you need to comply with the regulations and safety on board the ship.


Emergency communication

In Sercoin you will find all kinds of material to communicate in case of mishap; emergency beacons, flares and pyrotechnics, as well as signaling lights and shapes that help improve communication when the boat needs help.


First aid

First aid is essential to provide primary assistance to a victim due to an accident or unforeseen illness. Crew members must take first aid courses and all vessels must carry a first aid kit appropriate to their size.

Our clients will find a complete, varied and state-of-the-art service to guarantee the protection and safety of their boat. We customize solutions for unique and satisfying results.

We row with you to arrive safely and safely.

And discover…

Smart protection for recreational and professional boats

Alarmas para barcos

If you are looking for a system to protect your boat, at Sercoin we offer you a state-of-the-art alarm, wireless, easy to install and manageable from any smartphone.

Avoid intrusions or theft on your boat at the best price.


Your alarm for 19.50 euros per month.

Without deception, without permanence.

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